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Water Heater Installation

Lion's Plumbing and Heating is your top choice for local water heater installations. As an experienced water heater contractor, we offer a complete range of high-efficiency water heaters, all priced fairly and installed professionally. On every job, we promise a quick turnaround, quality workmanship, and stellar customer service.

To learn more about our options for new water heaters, don’t hesitate to call us at (240) 793-0198.

Water Heater Installation Services

Fast, Professional, Dependable

When you choose us to replace or install a hot water tank, you’re getting a team that gives you quality every step of the way. We’ll be sure to arrive on time with our own commercial-grade tools and equipment, and we’ll check in with you to make sure our project plan meets your approval. Once we’ve confirmed everything, we’ll get to work, completing the tasks in a speedy and efficient manner, while maintaining a high standard of quality. And of course, when we’re finished, we tidy up after ourselves.

Affordable Water Tank Replacement

As a local business, we know how important it is to keep costs manageable and to stick to a budget. It’s what we do for ourselves, and it’s what we want to help our customers do too.

That’s why we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible: so everyone can benefit from our skill and expertise. We follow lean business principles to minimize costs, lower expenses, and make our services more affordable. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can do what we can at so fair a price.

If you need a quote on our water heater replacement services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to give you one so you can shop around—and so you can discover the value of our services for yourself.

Our Water Heater Installation Process

When it comes to something as important as hot water tank installation, you need to be sure it’s done right. With us, you will. Not only are we trained and qualified experts. We also follow a stringent, step-by-step process to ensure the job goes smoothly. We work with the highest standards in mind, all while using a streamlined approach to speed up our services.

Our installation process includes the following:

  • Worksite inspections
  • Site preparation
  • Water heater delivery and transportation
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Final post-op inspection service
  • Worksite clean-up

Our installations come with a satisfaction guarantee, as well as extended product warranties. Rest assured: We’re the team that will get the job done right. After all, we guarantee it.

Get the Best Water Heater for Your Property

Every property has a unique need for water heater usage, so every property requires a water heater to meet those needs. When a property owner purchases a new water heater, there’s more that goes into it than simply running over to the store to pick up a new one.

Lion's Plumbing and Heating would like to assist you in finding the most suitable and efficient system for your property and water usage. When we arrive at your property for a consultation, we’ll take the time to discuss your average water usage and energy expenditure. We need this information to help us assess your usage to make sure we have the complete picture.

Once we fully understand your water usage patterns, we’ll review your options and provide you with professional advice based on everything we know. We give you all the information you need to feel secure in your purchasing decision.

Don't hesitate any longer! Help us help you install an efficient and reliable water heater that will last for the long haul. Contact our office today.

Reasons to Install a New Water Heater

Are you unsure whether you need a new water heater or what signs to look for? We can help you with that! We’ve been in the business for years and know exactly what to look for when evaluating a water heating system.

When you’re considering replacing your water heater, consider the following factors to determine if it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Water heater’s age (can be determined by serial number)
  • If your water is rust-colored or smells musty
  • Whether the noise coming from your heater is normal
  • Whether water is pooling on the floor around your heater
  • If your energy bill has increased recently

If you’re experiencing anything listed above, it may be time to replace your water heater. When we visit your property for a risk-free consultation, we’ll not only provide you with advice on the best water heater, we’ll also install it at the most competitive pricing around!

No-Obligation Quotes on Water Heater Services

We understand how important it is to know what you're paying for before committing to it. That is why we offer our clients no-obligation in-home inspections and cost estimates. 

When you contact our office, we’ll make an appointment with you at a time that best suits your schedule. The service call will consist of us dispatching a licensed and certified technician to your home or place of business in a fully-stocked service vehicle. They’ll execute a professional inspection to determine the best course of action for the installation procedure. They’ll also determine the most suitable water heater for your space.

Before doing any other work, we'll give you an up-front cost estimate so you’re entirely aware of what you’re paying for and understand the price points. You’ll know precisely what your final invoice will look like before we begin.

If you think your water heater needs to be replaced or have a new building that needs one installed, we’re the licensed and knowledgeable team for you. Contact our office today!

For High-Efficiency Water Heaters, Turn to Lion's Plumbing and Heating

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Quality work, affordable prices, speedy service—why wait? We know we’re your best bet for water heater installations. We’ve spent a lifetime honing our craft, and now it’s time for that work to pay off. For you. Clients near and far have come to depend on us as their water heater contractor of choice. You can too. Contact us to schedule a consultation today. We’re here to help.

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