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Lion's Plumbing and Heating is the plumbing company businesses and residents in Glenarden trust for timely solutions for new plumbing installations, regular and emergency repairs, and a full suite of customizable piping and drainage maintenance services.

We strive to deliver a full suite of actionable solutions at competitive rates. Whether embarking on a new construction or renovation project or responding to a problem with pipes or drainage systems, we’re here to help with timely interventions that lead to safe and long-lasting plumbing, sewage, and gas systems.

Contact our team at (240) 793-0198 to learn more about leveraging our services to suit your project, timeline, and budget.

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Access a Full Suite of Cost-Effective Plumbing Services

We aim to bring you the best in innovation with a full suite of cost-effective plumbing services from skilled technicians who don’t cut corners.

Look to us for:

  • New construction plumbing
  • Plumbing system upgrades and repiping services
  • Plumbing repairs
  • 24-hour emergency plumbing expertise
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Drainage solutions
  • Drain camera inspections
  • Outdoor plumbing solutions
  • Appliance hookups
  • …and much more!

Do you require a plumbing service we haven’t covered in the above list? Contact our licensed professionals to discuss the details and learn more about what we’ll do to provide expertise that aligns with your budget.

New Construction Plumber: Code-Compliant Piping Installations Start Here

Choosing our new construction plumbers means opting for well-planned, code-compliant piping installations that stand the test of time. We prioritize the integrity of our work and the safety of your structures, ensuring all plumbing installations meet and often exceed regulatory standards.

Our team—seasoned in managing both residential and commercial construction projects—operates with a precise understanding of diverse plumbing requirements and challenges across varied property types. We diligently stay abreast of the latest plumbing codes and innovations, enabling us to devise and implement solutions that facilitate optimal functionality and longevity.

Move your construction or renovation project forward on time and within your budget when you invest in a partnership with our talented team. Phone us to reserve a risk-free initial consultation to discuss the details at your convenience.

Hot Water Installation

Hot water installation requires the steady hands of a trained and fully licensed plumbing technician. When you enlist our services, we begin with a detailed assessment of your hot water usage and the unique demands of your property and its inhabitants. Then, we help you choose a water heater that aligns with your goals and offers optimal performance.

You can rely on our experts to remove and safely dispose of your old water heater. Then, we begin the installation of your new unit, ensuring each connection meets the highest safety and building code standards. When our work is finished, you can enjoy access to hot water at the turn of your tap.

Gas Fitter Plumber

Working with our gas fitter plumbers guarantees you’ll receive impeccable services and an unwavering commitment to safety. With an encompassing knowledge of gas systems and the building codes and safety rules that regulate them, our team manages installation, repair, and maintenance with a practiced hand to safeguard your residential or commercial space against gas-related hazards.

Our services span inspecting, installing, and maintaining:

  • Gas lines
  • Gas appliances
  • Gas fixtures
  • …and more!

We focus on ensuring every project adheres to stringent safety standards and regulatory compliances. You can count on us to be your shield against gas leaks and potential inefficiencies, providing successful, secure, and seamless functionality across all your gas operations.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Our 24-hour emergency plumbing services make it easy to take care of leaks and other piping problems right away. When you call us, we dispatch our nearest technician, who’ll arrive equipped with everything required to diagnose and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Call us when you need a seasoned plumber to address:

  • Gas leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Sewage backups
  • Clogged drains
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Sump pump failure
  • Loss of hot water
  • Water heater problems
  • …and much more!

We know how stressful it can be to discover a leak or problem with your piping, drainage, and gas lines. Don’t hesitate to reach out for comprehensive support from our licensed emergency plumbers.

Plumbing Repair Services

Our regularly scheduled plumbing repair services give you access to all the same solutions as our emergency services, available by appointment during regular business hours. When you’re unsure whether your circumstances require swift solutions or can wait for a scheduled inspection and repair service, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss the details.

We’ll give you all the information you need to decide which of our services best suits your situation.

Drain and Plumbing Services

When problems with blockages and clogs plague your home or business, we’re here to support you with a wide range of personalized drain and plumbing services. It all starts with a noncommittal initial consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals with you to ensure we understand the full scope of the project and all its specifications.

Then, we’ll assemble an estimate encompassing all the labor, materials, and equipment required to do the job to the highest standards. Once you’ve given us your approval on the estimate, we’ll work with you to schedule an appointment at a time that best fits into your schedule.

In emergencies, our 24-hour plumbers are always available with prompt solutions. Just give us a call to let us know what you’re facing, and we’ll help you formulate an approach that respects your budget and expected turnaround time.

Drain Camera Inspections

We use advanced technology to perform thorough drain camera inspections. With our high-resolution cameras, we navigate through your plumbing system, capturing crisp, real-time images that reveal any obscured issues within your drains and pipes. This non-invasive method allows us to identify, analyze, and accurately pinpoint problems like blockages, leaks, and structural issues without the need for disruptive excavation.

The visual insights gleaned from our drain camera inspections help us facilitate targeted interventions, ensuring that our solutions are precisely tailored to address the specific issues at hand. Is a drain camera inspection the next logical step in addressing problems with your drains? Connect with our team to learn more about this service and how we use it to solve complex drainage issues.

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Lion's Plumbing and Heating’s licensed plumbing contractors support homeowners and local businesses with a full suite of Glenarden’s best plumbing solutions. Count on us for prompt, cost-effective, and long-lasting installations, repairs, and maintenance solutions for all varieties of home and commercial plumbing infrastructure.

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